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Marketing Transformation Case Studies



We help marketing organizations of all kinds increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Their successes include higher productivity and reduced churn of customers and employees.

Their marketing transformation progress expands their capabilities to generate value in revenue, profitability, and ongoing growth.

We take our work very seriously, and it shows.


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When it comes to disruptive thought leadership, I have to place Marketing Operations Partners in the top echelon of experts whose services are a hot commodity for companies that want to not just survive, but thrive. For the past decade, Marketing Operations Partners has provided an elite team of experts and best practice strategic insight that can help any smart company ensure their place at the top of the market.
Saad Hameed, self-service growth leader, Cloudfire
Marketing Operations Partners has been at the forefront of helping companies like ours reduce chaos, maximize resources and achieve impactful results. They’ve provided mission-critical guidance to begin the process of building a strong marketing operations function that supports our company’s growth, scale and continuous improvement objectives. We applaud them for achieving this significant milestone and greatly appreciate their continuous contributions to evolution of the profession and the enterprise.
Kate Chalmers, Director of Marketing Operations, Hootsuite
Marketing Operations Partners is one of the quintessential pioneers in defining exactly what Marketing Operations is and should be. The firm and its research have helped me countless times as I established Marketing Operations at Walmart. They have helped justify and quantify the need for Marketing Operations in order to improve efficiencies and elevate Marketing’s stature across the enterprise.
Kelly Troia, former Senior Director of Marketing Operations, Walmart
Hiring Marketing Operations Partners is one of the best investments I have made in forwarding the Marketing Operations activities at Anritsu. We hired the team to work with us to define many processes across the globe to better track our marketing efforts, create efficiencies and allow for accurate reporting to our executive staff. They taught us things that would not readily cross our minds; they make total sense, and have increased our efficiency and accuracy in many areas.
Katherine Van Diepen, Director of Marketing, Anritsu


Adapt company-wide to emerging market changes

  • Scenario: A subsidiary of a worldwide brand realized its current marketing planning and production processes were sub-optimal and not sustainable over the long term, and sought to achieve significant improvements in cycle time, quality and overall productivity.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners advised a strategy to align with functions outside of Marketing Operations which impacted or were affected by core Marketing Operations processes. We recommended marketing process and organization designs to achieve productivity and cycle time objectives, including position descriptions and roles and responsibilities in relation to department objectives, new requirements and best practices.
  • Results: The company was able to incorporate critical guidance into its decision-making processes to better achieve its organizational scalability and sustainability requirements.
  • Scenario: To ensure the success of a marketing transformation initiative, a multi-billion-dollar global information provider was compelled to evaluate its current Marketing Operations strategy and documented processes against best practices.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners conducted a comprehensive assessment of the company’s ability to execute toward the desired future state, evaluating effectiveness of the marketing staff, project team structure and mechanics, communications plan, administrative plan, training and enablement plans and documentation. We identified potential barriers to success in the strategy, organization and project management process, defined and prioritized risks and provided a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Results: Through a more realistic awareness of its readiness for the marketing transformation, the company ensured the initiative’s success. Key insights gained during the process guided the necessary actions to reduce the gaps versus best practice, manage risks, hold team members accountable to deliver on expectations, and hone its approach to achieve optimal results.
Marketing Operations Partners has been a great partner to NetApp, and has consulted on a variety of topics to help us advance our capabilities. The team includes some of the most prominent experts in the discipline of Marketing Operations. In one engagement, they provided assistance to document our implementation of a major marketing automation toolset. Their expertise and attention to detail in developing our case study was great. I’d recommend Marketing Operations Partners to those Marketing Ops professionals looking to mature their operations and advance strategic projects for their companies.
Judy Ash, Director of Marketing & Strategy, NetApp
In the current gloomy economic environment, and in the face of tough pricing competition, companies need help from experts in the Marketing and Sales area to ensure their ability to effectively market their products/services in the near-term, as well as their long-term viability. Based on my work and research in the Marketing Operations area, I have to place Marketing Operations Partners in the top echelon of experts whose services will be a hot commodity for companies that want to not just survive, but thrive. Marketing Operations Partners brings together an elite team of experts that can help any smart company ensure their place at the top of the market.
Saad Hameed, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations & Demand Generation, LinkedIn


Resonate with stakeholders & buyers’ processes

  • Scenario: In preparation for marketing automation deployment, a large provider of business solutions and software for education and government sectors sought to validate alignment of redesigned marketing processes.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners identified significant gaps that would require system configuration, customization or process work-arounds. In characterizing the marketing processes required for a successful deployment, we highlighted risks that might incur by automating the redesigned processes and identified additional opportunities to streamline the processes.
  • Results: The company leveraged a use case, a high-level gap analysis that matched requirements to application functionality and a future-state process assessment against best practice to optimize the deployment of the new marketing automation system.
  • Scenario: After deploying a new marketing automation system as part of a data management and storage solutions market leader’s enterprise-wide marketing transformation initiative, additional change management strategies were needed to get the most mileage out of this investment.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners explored lessons learned and stakeholders’ expectations in the definition, selection, deployment and post-installation processes. Our recommendations for future plans were integrated into a case study used to highlight the success of the project both within and outside the company.
  • Results: This helped the company develop a longer-term improvement roadmap that was critical in improving processes, governance, data strategy and integrity, integrated marketing approach, and competency development. The case study won an award at the marketing automation vendor’s annual conference for the visionary approach the company took to transform its marketing function.
  • Scenario: A marketing team found themselves at the mercy of the product divisions’ last-minute requests on a regular basis. Product inputs were provided in varying formats, causing a great deal of re-work and stress for the corporate marketing team.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners analyzed the company’s marketing tools to identify best practices and create templates with embedded best-practice instructions and examples We developed flow diagrams, decision-making guides, and who-what-where-when-why guides to help product managers navigate the array of marketing communications choices and collaborate with corporate marketing in a timely, value-add, and consistent way.
  • Results: The marcom managers worked with their product line counterparts to educate them and to discuss service level agreements going forward. These discussions strengthened relationships and opened the door to conversations about improving productivity, morale, and use of precious resources for greater impact with customers.
  • Scenario: A midsize company experiencing rapid growth knew they needed to make changes to their organization to support the company.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners guided the CMO in a study of roles needed to accommodate the company’s efforts with customers and goals for revenue and profitability.
  • Results: The insights provided by Marketing Operations Partners enabled a re-balancing of marketing staff’s roles to incorporate marketing accountability efforts and better align with customers as well as internal stakeholders. The CMO discovered new ways to guide key staff members in collaborating for greater productivity and value to the company.
  • Scenario: A large manufacturer had various job titles and reporting structures for many marketing roles, and they wanted to identify ways to specify and track marketing competencies across the company in order to nurture talent and long-lasting marketing careers in the company.
  • Solution: Working with Human Resources and Marketing, we verified job roles and conducted a gap analysis of the company’s current marketing competency roadmap. We provided recommendations for ongoing use of specific tools to benchmark marketing talent and to manage competency development.
  • Results: The CMOs within each business unit were able to see what they needed to do to minimize turnover, improve morale, and build marketing capability and succession plans.
I highly recommend Marketing Operations Partners to assist you in your marketing vision. They understand the importance of corporate accountability and generating ROI. They are masterful in aligning stakeholders, both inside and outside the company. The team at Marketing Operations Partners sees the marketing “big picture” and how all of the pieces create a successful marketing effort.
Marti Smith, former Vice President of Marketing, ShoreTel
Marketing Operations Partners takes a different view of marketing, tracking the business of marketing to a new level by taking an operations view. They have developed metrics and methods to streamline the process of B-to-B marketing. Their approach is ROI all the way from product planning to launch to brand building. If you are building a marketing organization, a conversation with the team will get you some process ideas that will serve you for the long term.
Bob Durstenfeld, Director of Global Marketing & Communications, Global Foundries


Demonstrate strong execution & business results

  • Scenario: A global manufacturer of measurement equipment wanted to establish a Marketing Charter as guidance for marketing priorities within the marketing department as well as for strengtheing collaboration among internal stakeholders and the marketing organization.
  • Solution: We interviewed key stakeholders across the company to craft the Marketing Charter statement. To enable the Marketing Charter to be put into practice, Marketing Operations Partners identified fundamental and strategic roles for each marketing function and recommended specific actions for each function to live up to the defined roles. We created an easy reference table describing roles initiated or supported by the marketing organization in conjunction with each other functional area company-wide. And we provided a succinct table showing the deliverables for each functional area within marketing that another marketing function depends on.
  • Results: The Marketing Charter was socialized across the company, and new-hires and contractors in marketing receive this entire packet as part of their orientation.
  • Scenario: A well-known brand offering SaaS-based communications services relied on lead generation run rate numbers to predict future leads activity, but struggled in its ability to measure its sales funnel to determine lead quality, evaluate the success of its segment marketing efforts, and determine the health of each segment.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners was engaged by the company to assess the dashboard creation process and to recommend metrics definition and data collection process improvements. A one-day workshop involving representatives from sales, marketing, IT and finance was conducted to socialize recommended improvements prior to implementation into the next-generation marketing dashboard.
  • Results: Additional data requirements and process improvements were uncovered during the assessment process, which were implemented during the next revision of the marketing dashboard development process. Changes to the data collection process were implemented to ensure consistency and to reduce collection time. The due diligence and insights gained from the assessment enabled the company to better align its pipeline contribution metrics to business goals.
  • Scenario: In a quest to build a culture of marketing measurement and accountability, one of the world’s most recognized corporate brands sought to implement a best-practice-based approached to marketing performance management.
  • Solution: The company turned to Marketing Operations Partners to establish an extensive global metrics training program that would enable it to better align with business goals and build a new core competency around marketing metrics. The engagement included a two-day pilot workshop, from which potential improvements were recommended and implemented into the final workshop version. A train-the-trainer program was also established to teach internal subject matter experts at the company to teach the workshop within business units and geographical locations throughout the company.
  • Results: The training program proved to be a key component in helping the company link individual performance goals to team goals, and then cross-divisional goals, as well as establish cascading accountability and alignment of rewards system to objectives. The marketing team, comprised of several hundred marketers, gained the capability to more tangibly link their individual contributions to campaign, program and higher-level business objectives.
  • Scenario: The highly decentralized organization structure of a large technology company resulted in disparate categories for marketing expenditures, making ROMI analyses and accountability very difficult.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners analyzed spending and record-keeping of all divisions’ and corporate marketing organizations, and investigated Finance’s processes and requirements. We recommended nomenclature and processes for aligning marketing spend company-wide.
  • Results: These simplifications enabled marketing managers at every level to more quickly grasp their monthly and annual financial status, and to determine and prevent redundancies. Increased transparency improved marketers’ ability to discuss marketing investment decisions confidently with internal business partners, as well as their ability to calculate return on investment.
  • Scenario: A marketing executive wanted to maximize impact with the C-team during staff meetings.
  • Solution: Marketing Operations Partners explored the meeting report formats used by other C-team members to identify common style elements to borrow or improve upon. Then we modified the report for marketing achievements, challenges and plans to emphasize context: a) within corporate goals and values, b) among marketing’s stretch goals (bonus plan), and c) among other C-team members’ priorities.
  • Results: By reporting marketing’s progress with an emphasis on context, the marketing executive was able to highlight key points more effectively, obtain needed inputs and agreements, and improve the marketing organization’s clout.
Marketing Operations Partners has parlayed the insights from the trenches into a grand view of Marketing Operations. Unlike typical pundits, they undertook the arduous and expensive task to interviewing and surveying stakeholders in the field of Marketing Operations, developing an uncanny, bottom-up realistic, pragmatic, and detail-oriented framework of current-state operations and how innovation leaders can pioneer new levels of integrated Marketing Operations. They’ve equipped marketing executives in transitioning into more effective operations management of marketing.
Michael Moon, CEO, Gistics



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