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Measure Customer-Centric Culture

Customer Culture Imperative


40-70% of customers switch loyalty due to a perceived attitude of indifference.

91% of companies claim to be customer-focused, yet only 10% of customers agree. (Forrester, 2012)

Quantify customer-centricity on actionable factors: research of 10,000 companies across 25 years proved a strong customer culture drives business performance in over 35 performance measures, including ROI, growth, customer retention, market share and sales.

Marketing Operations Partners is an accredited consultant for this powerful methodology.

Market Responsiveness Index — MRI™

A powerful benchmark of your responsiveness to customers’ needs, competitive threats, and market changes

Why Measure Culture?

A strong customer culture is the single most important driver of future business performance.

Customer culture is to performance what living is to breathing.

Now it can be measured using the MRI™.

MRI™ is a web-based staff survey tool, based on years of systematic research, that measures the level of customer-centric behaviors (culture) that an organization actions with its customers.

MRI™ is easy to administer, simple and intuitive to complete.

It is extremely effective in delivering understandable, detailed and actionable findings for executive sponsors seeking to drive business performance.

What are Your Culture Goals?

MRI Factors

There are numerous elements to any corporate culture.

MRI™ focuses on 8 specific customer-centric factors.

They have been proven to drive sustainable business performance and competitive advantage.

Learn about MRI™

MRI Benchmarks

Your organization is benchmarked against a global database of more than 200 companies across industries and geographies.

You will see how your business stacks up against the best in a chart like this.

Explore the MRI™ Model


MRI™ measures behaviors that reliably predict superior business performance.

This graph shows the MRI’s high degree of predictability. It compares commonly known correlations versus MRI™ score correlation with business performance.

Use this system to align your C-suite’s vision and ownership of lasting CX ROI.
Contact us to learn how you can connect the dots strategically and tactically.

MRI Testimonials

Ask Marketing Operations Partners about MRI now:

  • Helps you focus on those customer culture factors that are critical to your strategy.
  • Enables you to measure and benchmark your most important customer culture drivers, set targets, take action and track progress.
  • Creates a unified focus on the customer and helps communicate priorities to all staff.
  • Enables you to engage and inspire staff to focus on activities that provide value for customers.
Discover How Easy MRI™ Is

Accelerate Business Results Through New Wisdom

Common practices are not always best practices. Become irresistible: weave CX context into your DNA.

Accredited Consultant

  • Marketing Operations Partners is certified to provide MRI™ consulting to your company
  • We customize MRI™ and Marketing Operations Partners CX expertise to your needs

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MRI™ Pilot

  • Pilot the MRI™ for USD $5K
  • Build confidence before roll-out

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