Marketing Organizations Can Leap Forward with Interactivity

marketing collaborationIn the era of customer engagement, it’s the 360-degree approach that will win. 360-degrees around you, that is. While customer engagement is necessary, that’s not enough for Marketing organizations’ future success. 360-degree engagement within Marketing — interacting with other internal groups — will set apart tomorrow’s stars from the wannabes.

Silo Spanning: Gone are the days when silos can succeed. Silo-spanning is imperative across data, technologies, processes, people, and ideas. This is not to diminish the importance of segmentation and specialization. It’s about capabilities and inclinations to interact, integrate, and collaborate to generate value.

This is the age of interactivity.

Value Center: Strong, constructive interaction across the Marketing organization is key to giving Marketing the power to act as a value center, not merely a cost center. This is also true of interactivity with your stakeholders across the company: agencies, alliance partners, and channel partners. When the C-team seek to cut costs, Marketing can rise above perceptions of yesteryear because it has clearly tracked where it brings value to the whole company, well beyond revenue and customer engagement.

Strategic Impact: Accordingly, Marketing Operations’ role as a conduit to interactivity can grow from tactical and technology-based to strategic and influential, benefiting the whole Marketing organization and the C-suite.

Introducing the Marketing Future Forum as an interactivity-builder!


To support internal 360-degree engagement, peer interaction takes center stage in the new Marketing Future Forum, launching on 29 February, 2016. Marketers can learn, share and adopt new practices within their own marketing organization. This is a huge opportunity to build shared vision and buy-in to accelerate internal transformation.

The Marketing Future Forum chips away at chronic silo challenges.

Flexibility: Another plus is collaborating with a community of like-minded professionals anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the Marketing Future Forum provides a constant flow of self-paced learning workspaces designed to help you tackle chronic challenges in marketing accountability, alignment, and agility. Best of all, everything is bite-sized (i.e. digestible in 30-minute time segments) and you can apply ideas and mini-plans the same day in your job.

Driver’s Seat: This is a member-led, member-driven community. It’s the epitome of interactivity. That means your voice is heard, and your involvement is welcomed in every aspect of the Marketing Future Forum. Stay tuned for calls for volunteers to chair and participate in committees, led by a panel of members in the Forum’s Leadership Board.

Interaction: By participating in this Forum, you can leverage interactive opportunities to share content and participate in live and online events, fostering dialogue, shared mindsets, and collective capabilities in your own company, and with others. Interactive members-only opportunities include:

  • Community calls: moderated conversations on a specific topic
  • Taskforces: explore a topic with call-for-participation criteria you choose
  • Discussion rooms: answer or ask a question, create a poll, upload or download a file, and like or comment on community content
  • Webcasts: live Q&A with peers and a subject matter expert — maybe you!
  • Roundtables: meet face-to-face with others in your metropolitan area
  • Virtual Conferences: network and learn with live and recorded online events
  • Conferences: enjoy a variety of brief, high-interaction, member-presented topics

Resolve common roadblocks in your job and in your organization with actionable marketing efficiency and effectiveness plans through peer interaction.

Move your marketing forward with 360-degree internal engagement in the Marketing Future Forum. Watch our Leap Day launch (webcast recording) or contact us to find out more.

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Lynn Hunsaker is CEO of Marketing Operations Partners, a consultancy that transforms marketing organizations into high-value engagement centers through accountability, alignment, and agility. Lynn is a past director of marketing and business development at Applied Materials, an award-winning past president of Silicon Valley American Marketing Association, and she taught marketing, advertising and business for 5 years at UC Berkeley Extension, SJSU, and Mission College. Lynn is a well-known expert in metrics, customer experience management, and organizational change. See more at

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