Marketing Ops Skills: Key to Marketing ROI

Marketing Operations TrainingReturn on Marketing can be a daunting challenge! To maximize your ROI potential, learn how to master the broad spectrum of marketing operations, as well as measurement per se.

The training course, Marketing Operations 2.0: Tactical Discipline to Strategic Vision, is available online or in-person, showing you how to elevate your marketing efficiency initiatives for strategic impact enterprise-wide.

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Marketing Operations Course

While many companies are striving to master marketing accountability and efficiency (tactical MO 1.0), we’ll show you how to leap forward to integrate strategy, guidance, metrics, ecosystem and technology (strategic MO 2.0) to run your marketing organization as a value center, driving long-term company growth.

The MO 2.0 course shows you how to transform data to vital insights. Learn how to identify the cause-and-effect forces driving marketing ROI, build analytics capabilities and dashboards, use data mining to establish metrics for unstructured and qualitative practices, and employ predictive analytics to select programs with greatest potential before incurring expenses. Click on the datasheet image (above, right) for a PDF file that explains more.  Learn how to maximize Marketing ROI!

“The class was excellent; the specific value was seeing the larger picture and being able to define what a roadmap for Marketing Operations should look like.”
– Director of Marketing, Anritsu Corporation

Marketing Operations (MO) helps all the areas of marketing overcome dysfunction, execute strategy, and build shared vision and accountability. MO applies these tools to Marketing:

  • Stakeholder alignment
  • End-to-end processes
  • Closed-loop management
  • Predictive analytics
  • Competency development
  • Organizational learning

These tools are essential for maximizing your return on marketing investment. Learn how to apply best methods to buyer process acceleration, customer profitability, market intelligence, marketing scalability, and strategy execution.

Boost your performance with the complete self-paced online course, individual modules or classes, multi-seat subscription, in-person training, or Marketing Operations Certification.
List price: $795 full course or $185/module or $95/class; call us for multi-seat discount and/or Certification.

Marketing Operations Training
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About the Author:

Gary was 1st to create a consultancy dedicated to MO (Marketing Operations Partners), 1st to publish an article on marketing operations (7 Deadly Sins of Marketing), and 1st to create a college course on MO (UC Santa Cruz Extension), 1st to teach a professional symposium on MO (Hong Kong), 1st to conduct a benchmarking study of marketing operations practices (Journey to Marketing Operations Maturity). See more at

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