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Having completed my MBA at Duke just over three years ago, it takes A LOT to motivate me to enroll in a formal course ‘ let alone a university course. In January, however, I found such motivation from Gary Katz in the form of his course entitled Marketing Operations 2.0: From 2011 Tactical Discipline to 20/20 Strategic Vision. The official description of the course reads:

Marketing Operations 2.0 (MO 2.0) helps corporations get more out of marketing and marketers have more fulfilling careers. This focused course brings an operational discipline and change management approach to the marketing function. It will literally transform how you are viewed internally and how you see yourself. MO 2.0 enables marketing organizations to leverage strategy, guidance, process, metrics and technology so that they can run Marketing as a profit/value center and a fully accountable business.

Sound amazing? It truly is! Gary’s course relates to the challenges those of us in Marketing functions face each day based on the ever-changing landscape of the ‘2.0’ world. He presents a solid framework to diagnose marketing effectiveness, develop a plan for expansion and/or improvement of MO, utilizing MO methods, tools, and strategies, and effectively speaking the language of MO. In a nutshell, Gary’s course ROCKS and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a laser-focused opportunity to engage with others in the emerging field of MO. Gary is a true thought leader in this space and has an energizing personality focused on engaging with students to understand unique perspectives to make the course content even more relevant.

Gary’s course is offered at UC Santa Cruz (Silicon Valley). If you don’t want to wait for the next formal offering, it’s also available any time, on-demand from Marketing Operations Partners. I stumbled upon Gary’s course by following Focus.com and Marketing Operations LinkedIn groups.

Do yourself a favor and check it out! You’ll feel better equipped to face the next MO challenge head-on! Marketing Operations Essentials.

by Mike Rogan, Marketing Operations Manager at Lenovo; originally published at intelliganceguy.com.

Note from Gary Katz: Thank you, Mike. I was honored to be your guide on the journey. I live to share what I’ve learned about Marketing Operations from education and the school of hard knocks. It’s especially gratifying when I know my passion is making a difference in another professional’s career.
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Gary was 1st to create a consultancy dedicated to MO (Marketing Operations Partners), 1st to publish an article on marketing operations (7 Deadly Sins of Marketing), and 1st to create a college course on MO (UC Santa Cruz Extension), 1st to teach a professional symposium on MO (Hong Kong), 1st to conduct a benchmarking study of marketing operations practices (Journey to Marketing Operations Maturity). See more at http://MOpartners.com/about

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