Customer Experience Excellence Course (Modules 1-6)

Customer Experience Excellence CourseThe quickest way to learn the broad field of customer experience management is through this online, self-paced course: 2.5 hours.

It’s designed for anyone who wants to leapfrog the norms or expand their expertise.
Everyone who has completed the course has told us that it helped them see better ways of leading customer experience excellence.

And everyone who has completed this course said it boosted their score on the optional CCXP exam, which is offered separately by the CXPA. This is official CXPA Authorized Resource & Training.

See more information about this course on the Customer Experience Excellence Course web page.

Here’s what past course participants have said:CCXP Logo

  • “I really like the exercises and visuals.”
  • “I like your myth-busting section, great content!”
  • “I might not have passed the test without taking this course. The myth-busters really
    pushed me over the top to answer quite a few of the questions I would have not been confident in otherwise.”
  • “The way the course is organized helped me synthesize my thoughts around the 6 CX competencies. Even if I could have passed the exam without taking this course, it was time well spent.”
  • “It provided an easy-to-follow review of the full breadth of what customer experience management entails, and I think it would be useful to take advantage of follow-on training for specific application of the tools in day-to-day work in a company.”
  • “I’m happy to give credit to the prep course for ‘pushing me over the top’ in passing the CCXP exam today.”
  • “Really outstanding product overall.”
  • “Course content is awesome. The course is under-priced.”
  • “Personally, I think the price paid is less than what it is actually worth. The course should be in the USD $700’s area, if not a little more.”
  • The course was extremely helpful. I felt that your instruction was spot on.
  • “I love your myth-busters. These are very relevant and critical. The information is thorough and will help people identify areas that they need to explore further.”

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