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Many Marketing organizations are taking on major roles in customer experience management. Business as usual won’t make you a winner in customers’s eyes. Here’s some advice for standing out from the crowd in driving superior customer experience.

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Download our collection of 7 articles in the Customer-Focused Marketing ebook:

  1. Think Like Your Customer: Aligning Selling to Buying Process
  2. Moving from Marketing Manipulation Madness to Marketing Operations 2.0
  3. Marketing & Sales Alignment: The Breakthrough Secret is Alignment to Customers
  4. Marketing Wins Strategic Clout by Driving Customer Experience Management
  5. From Campaign Treadmill to Superior Customer Experience
  6. Don’t Confuse CX Technology with Customer Experience Management
  7. If it’s Called Customer Experience, Why is it All About the Company?


From a marketer’s perspective, what is customer experience? What should it be and why?

What should a CMO do to be ready to take on customer experience leadership?

marketing customer experienceTune into our Crossroads of Marketing & Customer Experience online talk show from 12-12:30 Pacific time (3 pm ET) October 6th in celebration of international CX Day.

Gary Katz will interview Lynn Hunsaker about the keys to customer-focused marketing and how Marketing can be an instrumental factor in customer experience excellence. Ask your questions live in the show’s online chat room, or listen to the recording at your convenience.

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How to Sync Marketing with Customer Experience Excellence

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