Building Marketing Operations Capabilities

marketing capabilityCapability-building is the name of the game when it comes to the reason why your customers buy from you. Whatever you offer in the market, customers buy it in order to build a capability they want: reduction of risk or costs or time, increase in productivity, scalability, or stakeholder satisfaction.

The same applies to strategic marketing operations management. Position yourself as a capability-builder for the marketing organization, and your value contribution will be obvious. Become a facilitator for your company’s marketers to demonstrate accountability for the resources the company has entrusted in them, strengthen alignment with customers and other stakeholders, and grow their agility to rapidly adjust to evolving market needs.

To support capability-building, Marketing Operations Partners‘ website now zeros in on these core marketing effectiveness and efficiency capabilities: accountability, alignment and agility. You can request assessments, deployment blueprints, and deployment guidance options in each of these topics:

Marketing Operations Partners specializes in people and process aspects of these capabilities listed above. Ideally, thorough development of people and process needs is a prerequisite to selecting or deploying any technology solution. Nonetheless, people and process needs must be addressed at any point in initiatives of all types, technology-related or not. We build your capabilities to be self-sufficient and well-equipped for the present and the future.

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We welcome you to explore this information at, and we’re eager to discuss the capability-building that you’re seeking in your marketing organization. Keep your eye on building capabilities and let your value shine.

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Lynn Hunsaker is CEO of Marketing Operations Partners, a consultancy that transforms marketing organizations into high-value engagement centers through accountability, alignment, and agility. Lynn is a past director of marketing and business development at Applied Materials, an award-winning past president of Silicon Valley American Marketing Association, and she taught marketing, advertising and business for 5 years at UC Berkeley Extension, SJSU, and Mission College. Lynn is a well-known expert in metrics, customer experience management, and organizational change. See more at

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