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10 Ways Marketing Operations Creates Value

10 Ways Marketing Operations Creates Value
If you think Marketing Operations is one-dimensional, think again! By any name — marketing transformation, or marketing organizational efficiency and effectiveness — it is a young field with plenty of value to create for fellow marketers’ career success and satisfaction, and for getting more done with current resources — and expanding resources for the future.

Here are 10 ways Marketing Operations can create value for your marketing organization, and for your company, customers, and other partners and stakeholders: […]

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Marketing Performance Management Defined for Wikipedia

Marketing Performance Management definition, as proposed Wikipedia updated content. Please comment below to indicate your approval or suggestions.

(Note on August 2, 2015: thanks to the many subject matter experts who responded to this post, which we shared in dozens of LinkedIn Groups, daily on Twitter, and in newsletters to many thousands of marketers. The definition has now been updated at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing_performance_measurement_and_management.)

Marketing performance management is the systematic management of marketing resources and processes to achieve measurable gain in return on investment and efficiency, while maintaining quality in customer experience.[1]

Marketing performance management is a central facet of the marketing operations function within marketing departments.

Marketing performance management relies on a set of measurable performance standards, a pointed focus on outcomes, and clear lines of accountability (i.e. roles and consequences).

Marketing performance management is comprised of six success factors: 1) alignment, 2) accountability, 3) analytics, 4) automation, 5) alliances, and 6) assessment. [2] […]

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Marketing Agility: Navigating the Turbulence Ahead

Two-thirds of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past fifty years, according to a study conducted by Adobe. At the Marketing Operations & Technology Summit last fall, we were mesmerized with insights from Adrian Ott, author of The 24-Hour Customer and Exponential Influence. She cited additional research findings from Forbes, IDC, and InformationWeek: […]

Is Operations Sexy?

Is Operations Sexy?

Look "Operations" up in the dictionary, and you will see:
"the condition of functioning or being active".
Interesting. Being active makes me think of sports, games, arts and crafts, being healthy and fun. I'm picturing playbooks, creating beauty and functionality, and workouts and outdoor recreation. All of these are sexy things, right?

But what does this mean in a business environment? According to the Business Dictionary: […]

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Metrics for Marketing Management

Measuring progress as a predictor of your company’s financial growth is the way to open doors to funding. The word “progress” in itself is a clue to the “laws of metrics” (like “laws of physics”): metrics are not stand-alone figures, but rather, quantifications of a process flow. Think of marketing as a chain of activities and decisions that originate with an internal or external supplier, proceed from group to group throughout the marketing organization (and sometimes beyond), and eventually result in outputs that collectively […]