• Marketing Operations

Beyond the 4 Ps: The 5 Ts of Marketing Operations

CMOs of global companies are confronted with unparalleled challenges and opportunities. These include:

Marketing Accountability: It is no secret that CEOs are demanding greater ROI on their marketing investments. Consequently many CMOs are driving initiatives to make the marketing function more accountable and measurable.

Globalization: Serving global markets necessitates that marketing coordinate campaigns across continents to leverage cost and synchronize messaging, however campaigns must also […]

  • Customer Dissatisfaction

Customer Experience Management Prevents Hassles

One out of two companies (44%) acknowledge that high-profile negative customer experiences have at some time compromised their brand, yet only 29% have high ability to handle and resolve customer complaints.

1 Do you proactively embrace customers’ constructive feedback? While surveys have long been in place for most companies, only 31% of marketing executives report that their company takes customer listening seriously, and just 38% […]