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Marketing Operations Community & Professional Development

My Marketing Operations class for UCSC Extension is going to be offered online this Winter! That means those of you interested in your Marketing Operations professional development will be able to get easy,self-paced access to my course whether you are in Silicon Valley, UK, China or India! The university has assigned a team of instructional designers to work with me to build the course for online.  Too cool!

You may have noticed, we’ve […]

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From Campaign Treadmill to Superior Customer Experience

How well our organizations mobilize cross-functional efforts around the needs of its customers usually spells the difference between business success and failure. Today my associate Lynn Hunsaker does a great job of explaining the growing importance of focusing on customer-specific metrics, such as Customer Lifetime Value, and building momentum through Customer Experience Management (CEM) methodology. To those of us who have embraced the discipline of Marketing Operations (MO), I’m confident you’ll […]