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Marketing Technology Decision is Last

Welcome back from what I hope was a great Thanksgiving holiday! This is an especially excellent time of year to express our gratitude. And today I’m grateful for Beth Weesner, principal of Marketing Transformation Services (MTS). Beth is a pint-sized ball of energy who is one of the most respective voices in our business and has been an integral part of the Henry Stewart Marketing Operations conferences since the beginning.  Her company, MTS, […]

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Marketing Operations Momentum

I was fortunate enough to chair the Marketing Operations track again for the 2007 Henry Stewart conference in Los Angeles, my fourth time in this role over the past three years (and I just agreed to do it again for the NY event in May 2008.) While still relatively small (about 70 participants in the audience at the peak) and still a “ugly stepsister” to the Digital Asset Management Conference, the MO side has definitely made significant strides. I can […]