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Marketing Operations Partners is one of the quintessential pioneers in defining exactly what Marketing Operations is and should be. The firm and its research have helped me countless times as I established Marketing Operations at Walmart. They have helped justify and quantify the need for Marketing Operations in order to improve efficiencies and elevate Marketing’s stature across the enterprise.
Kelly Troia, former Senior Director of Marketing Operations, Walmart
Marketing Operations Partners has been a great partner to NetApp, and has consulted on a variety of topics to help us advance our capabilities. The team includes some of the most prominent experts in the discipline of Marketing Operations. In one engagement, they provided assistance to document our implementation of a major marketing automation toolset. Their expertise and attention to detail in developing our case study was great. I’d recommend Marketing Operations Partners to those Marketing Ops professionals looking to mature their operations and advance strategic projects for their companies.
Judy Ash, Director of Marketing & Strategy, NetApp
Marketing Operations Partners takes a different view of marketing, tracking the business of marketing to a new level by taking an operations view. They have developed metrics and methods to streamline the process of B-to-B marketing. Their approach is ROI all the way from product planning to launch to brand building. If you are building a marketing organization, a conversation with the team will get you some process ideas that will serve you for the long term.
Bob Durstenfeld, Director of Global Marketing & Communications, Global Foundries
Hiring Marketing Operations Partners is one of the best investments I have made in forwarding the Marketing Operations activities at Anritsu. We hired the team to work with us to define many processes across the globe to better track our marketing efforts, create efficiencies and allow for accurate reporting to our executive staff. They taught us things that would not readily cross our minds; they make total sense, and have increased our efficiency and accuracy in many areas.
Katherine Van Diepen, Director of Marketing, Anritsu
In the current gloomy economic environment, and in the face of tough pricing competition, companies need help from experts in the Marketing and Sales area to ensure their ability to effectively market their products/services in the near-term, as well as their long-term viability. Based on my work and research in the Marketing Operations area, I have to place Marketing Operations Partners in the top echelon of experts whose services will be a hot commodity for companies that want to not just survive, but thrive. Marketing Operations Partners brings together an elite team of experts that can help any smart company ensure their place at the top of the market.
Saad Hameed, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations & Demand Generation, LinkedIn
I highly recommend Marketing Operations Partners to assist you in your marketing vision. They understand the importance of corporate accountability and generating ROI. They are masterful in aligning stakeholders, both inside and outside the company. The team at Marketing Operations Partners sees the marketing “big picture” and how all of the pieces create a successful marketing effort.
Marti Smith, former Vice President of Marketing, ShoreTel
Marketing Operations Partners has parlayed the insights from the trenches into a grand view of Marketing Operations. Unlike typical pundits, they undertook the arduous and expensive task to interviewing and surveying stakeholders in the field of Marketing Operations, developing an uncanny, bottom-up realistic, pragmatic, and detail-oriented framework of current-state operations and how innovation leaders can pioneer new levels of integrated Marketing Operations. They’ve equipped marketing executives in transitioning into more effective operations management of marketing.
Michael Moon, CEO, Gistics


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